The St James' Music Foundation

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Since 1820 in the heart of Sydney is St James' King Street. Near Busby's Bore, the early water supply for the town. St James' came to stand for all that was dignified, noble and true, and as a testimony to the invitation of God to life, holiness, virtue, and all that is wonderful. 

The St James' Music Foundation continues to support the work of the music of St James, both for the liturgy of St James', and as inspiration and respite to the people of Sydney more widely. The image to the left/above opens the page about the St James' Music Foundation.

The St James' Building and Property Foundation helps the work of maintaining the buildings and property. St James' King Street is iconic, even though now a little dwarfed by tall buildings, it still stands clear. The image on the right/below will open the page about the Building Foundation.

You can support the work of these foundations and there is a form attached to the button in the footer of this page. 

The St James' Church Building and Property Foundation

St James' Music Foundation

The St James' Church Building and Property Foundation