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St James' Music Foundation

Established in the early days of the colony in 1824, St James' became the centre of official Church activity. It is now the oldest serving Church building in Sydney.

Designed by Francis Greenway, St James' Church once witnessed the preaching of the Gospel to convicts. More recently it provides a wide ranging ministry to the legal financial and retail heart of Sydney.

At St James', worship and music have always been linked in a distinguished way. Accordingly, St James has maintained a reputation for a high standard of music.

As well as music for services and choral performance, St James' has cemented its connection with history by reviving the tradition of city concerts within its walls.

Music and the Church are as closely connected today as they were in the 1820's, creating a need for this tradition to be continued.

This is the purpose of the St James' Music Foundation, to raise funds for the continuance of a tradition of quality music in a historic location.

Current Position

For many years the funds of the parish have had to support the ministry of music at St James'. As costs grew we needed to find a way to create alternative funding to keep St James' fine music tradition alive and able to respond to the future.

Limited availability of funds means missed opportunities in music and reduced potential to achieve the many music initiatives outlined on this site.

Since the formation of the foundation in 1999 we have been able to offer to the parish a significant sum which has been able to increase as our fund is able to grow. Thus parish funds have been able to be directed to other important areas of ministry need.

With the support and giving of our supporters in the future we aim to make an even greater contribution to the many faceted ministry of music at St James', and through our people to the music world.

We appreciate your support

If you would like to contribute to the foundation, the donation form button in the footer will guide you.