The Music Foundation

Choir Of St James'

The St James' Music Foundation

Foundation Structure

The St. James' Foundation Limited, a company limited by guarantee, and is trustee for St James' Music Foundation. The company has received the appropriate approvals from the Australian Government allowing donations to the foundation to be tax deductible. The intention is to raise $5 million initially , which will yield a return sufficient to fund the ongoing music program at St James'.

Donations are being sought from corporations, and individuals, with appropriate recognition given to donors' generosity.


The specific objectives of St James' Music Foundation are to:

  • maintain and support the St James' Choir
  • make St James' synonymous with being a prime music venue in Sydney
  • establish St James' as a venue for excellence in the performance of organ music
  • enable St James' musicians to take up opportunities for outside performances, creating a wider audience for the St James' music tradition
  • establish a position of administrator to promote the efficient pursuit of our musical aims
  • budget for ongoing expansion of the choir music library
  • enable commissioning of new works
  • budget for the rebuilding of St James' organ.